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Friends cut!

I guess you already noticed my absence here on LJ. Due to Sabina's new job we barely have time for each other. I'm still following your entries and I won't give up on LJ completely, but I will reduce it to a certain degree. I'll downgrade my account to a basic account and I'll close [ profile] bolly_flicks. I'll keep [ profile] crafty_nerhegeb and intend to post there now and then and I'll stay maintainer on [ profile] magic_art, because I LOVE creating new stuff like fanmixes, icons, banners etc.

There will be a few of you who will wonder why I deleted them. To explain that would take too long. But I have my reasons. I wish you all the best and we'll still stay in touch via [ profile] magic_art.

xoxo, Nicole

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please stay in touch! Are you guys on facebook at all? I cant remember if i asked you that already, so i apologize if i asked twice lol.

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No I'm not.

I'll do a f-cut over at [ profile] crafty_nerhegeb, too. Just you know it...

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ah ok. sorry. since i cant see anything im guessing i didnt make it. best of luck...

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I do wonder. And I am sorry and disappointed. I will miss you. But of course I will always wish you nothing but the best - and should you ever wish to return, my journal is always open to you.